These are examples of tee shirts. Unlike photos, which are displayed in your window, tees are better suited for more timeless comfort that you want to be easily accessible in, like your skin.

BUT,  these are also tees that talk about what goes unsaid in your salad days, a sort of mini phenomenon on your chest

Tshirt Fabric

I have copied most of below, and can source for you if sought

The first specification you will be presented with is the weight of the tshirt fabric. This refers to the weight of one yard of tshirt fabric. The higher the weight, the thicker the tshirt material. Common weights for tshirt fabric are 5.1, 5.5 and 6.1 ounces with the 5.5 ounce being the most popular. Which one is better? The answ

er will depend on the use of the tshirt. Lightweight tshirt materials are commonly used in some of the more fashionable tshirt styles and they work well in that application. (you can imagine ..ed) In rugged use environment such as a construction jobsite, you will find that a heavyweight tshirt will be more durable.

Tshirt weight is only part of the answer to the question of which is better. The blend of fabric is also a very important part of a great tshirt. While 100% cotton tees are very common, many manufacturers blend the cotton with polyester to make it stain and stain resistant, breathable, and less prone to shrinkage. In general, more polyester content produces greater breathability, stain and wrinkle resistance. Blended tshirts also tend to be a bit cheaper than 100% cotton.

Fit & Fashionism

(not my heading, suredly, .. ed)

When it comes to the concept of fit in the tshirt world, two basic categories emerge. For purposes of this discussion lets call them      (ask me,  .ed)

Fit Tshirt

Standart (high standard  .ed) Fit Tshirt.  Tshirts can have the addition of different types of cotton in the blend. Two of most popular cotton threads in use today are combed cotton and organic cotton. The carding process used to make combed cotton produces a soft fabric with few loose fibers on the fabric surface. Organic cotton and blends of organic cotton are produced in an environmentally friendly manner which yields an excellent cotton fabric with currently a rise in cost.

(organic select pretty much the benchmark, yes)

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